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We offer tailor-made
to meet your specific needs. These include IT continuity, disaster recovery and more.


We offer a comprehensive range of
relating to existing and new systems such as migration, optimisation and more.

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  We offer a comprehensive range of PROFESSIONAL SERVICES relating to existing and new systems, since we understand that many of our clients do not have the capacity or methodology for introducing significant change into their environments in a safe manner…
Our Migration Service sees us team up with clients to move systems from one platform to another. As you will see in our Project History, we have worked with a wide variety of applications and operating systems. This is a demanding area to have specialized in, but we believe that we deserve our reputation as leaders in successful migrations - also attested to by the number of repeat projects at clients who are familiar with our ability.
Another reason for our popularity with service providers and clients alike is our System Optimisation service. This service involves improving a system’s performance whether is not working at all, or if it is performing very poorly in the batch or online states. Once again, we have earned our stripes by improving the performance and availability of some very large and complex systems to the satisfaction of our clients.
We provide System Administration services to assist clients who do not want the overhead of retaining skilled and potentially expensive resources themselves. This service can be provided cost-effectively via remote access and has the added benefit of providing our clients with access to highly skilled technologists and architects if needed. This service can also be used to free up the time of valuable client resources for work that requires their specific knowledge, while more routine tasks are assigned to our team and managed according to defined Service Levels.
The System Design service involves either redesign of a system that is not meeting expectation, or the design of a new system. Having repaired and migrated dozens of systems over the past few years, we are able to impart invaluable knowledge to system implementers on how to design and implement for optimal performance, cost, maintainability and availability.
The System Upgrade service assists clients with limited capacity and skill to upgrade components of a system to ensure system functionality, stability and supportability. We are able to mitigate the risks of such changes by thorough testing, a structured and proven approach, and finally to hand over the system and facilitate knowledge transfer to your team.
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