NRG Consulting

We offer tailor-made
to meet your specific needs. These include IT continuity, disaster recovery and more.


We offer a comprehensive range of
relating to existing and new systems such as migration, optimisation and more.


NRG Consulting enjoys a sterling reputation as both service provider to many large organisations, as well as business partner to several leading IT vendors in the South African market.


NRG Consulting is committed to assisting customers to transform their technology landscapes as seamlessly as possible. We know that many of our clients and business partners have various constraints that make the prospect of introducing the required changes to the landscape quite daunting.

Furthermore, many operational teams do not have the benefit of introducing high-risk, large-scale changes into the environment regularly, and therefore lack the experience and structure to effectively mitigate the risk of such initiatives.

We are able to supplement these teams in an unobtrusive manner and share our knowledge with the on-site personnel so that they are able to manage the environment once we have wrapped up our engagement.

We have carefully crafted and refined an appropriate range of services geared towards providing such holistic solutions, catering for requirements that range from system enhancements to compliance issues.


We invest the time and effort required to qualify each engagement so that our clients can make an informed choice about the way forward. Once engaged, we share the risks of the projects until completion, and currently enjoy a 100% success rate on our projects!     

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